Thursday, January 27, 2005


(To My long lost love - Redisovered)

Part II

Renew myself somehow today.
mirror mirror . . . truth I say

Peel back layers of endless fears
cruel time, and trial and tears.

See the other side of I
nestled warm on trembling sigh

Lush and verdant green the glade
once no chirping serenade

Yet now joy, love, peace and hope
flow free in this kaleidoscope

Splintered shards of eons past
come to touch deep core at last

Gently, softly, tenderly
who could have guessed the breadth of Me

Sweet innocent immensity
fly far with possibility

Gath'ring each frayed puzzle piece
quiver settle and then cease

Hidden petals now unfurl
heal my body cleanse my soul

rise up with breath of brand new life
cast behind all stress and strife

face brave future with a smile
hold head high my inner child

© KPLewis (Kalypsoul) 

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