Thursday, January 27, 2005

Demon Seed

To: Innocent child of rape

Demon Seed

Innocent Child Born of Rape

Two warring souls revive the scene of Eden’s paradise!
Mars and Venus rivalry, a violator’s heist

‘Twas the heady exhilaration of power’s lure methinks
loss of sensibility to animal instincts

Neither silent cries, nor pleas of love, nor sentiments hold sway
when coarse passions of the wicked, allowed to rule the day

No lover's kiss, no tender sigh, no time for pleasantry
a mutual joy must now submit to bestiality.

No ice-cream swirl, no velvet red, no chocolate-sprinkled dips
just vengeance vindication, come spewing from the hips

A million wee demoniacs swim upstream with intent
like leeches to immobile prey, your loins’ malevolence

Rampaging rigidity, contemptuous to the nth
the apple won, serpentine lust, your avarice lies spent

Dignity long since denied, her purity assailed
forever she must pay the price in weeping and travail

Yet chooses she to spare the life of demon’s infant fruit
And end the chain of violence so treasured by the brute

A season’s early ripening is born to sunlight air
Cleansed by mother’s tender love, and made whole by her tears

So swim on, little demon seed, like mullet in the stream
break free of every evil weed, rebuild your mother’s dream.

© KP Lewis (Kalypsoul)

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