Friday, November 26, 2004

Missing U Part II

Missing U 
Part II

               Hey girl, when was it that we last spoke? Must have been almost two years ago - nineteen months to be exact. When will we speak again? You knew me inside out - my thoughts, my dreams, my hopes, my fears. Like I knew you. I knew your strengths and weaknesses I knew what made you smile and what made you cry. You and I - we had some fun. We partied the nights away; we danced, we pranced; we made some waves and played the knave; we walked the beach and swam and played in the sand; we built our castles in the air and watched them crumble with the tide; and then we laughed and built them all over again. We did the club scene from 'Moon Over Bourbon Street' to 'Tony's Place,' and drove for miles through the hills and glades, opening to each our deeper selves as we drove into the open spaces.

            There was nothing I couldn't tell you - even my most outrageous secrets - like you told me yours. We were non-judgemental. You see, I saw your soul and you saw mine. So different were we - you white; me black - and yet we were sisters, girlfriends, buddies, best friends - beyond color, race, culture and all else. All that mattered was we clicked; we connected; we gelled. I never thought I'd find a friend who'd love me so completely, who'd go the distance and with whom I'd feel so free, so calm, so secure, and so at peace. And yet, beyond my wildest dreams, I found in you that friend. I want to talk with you again. The big question is, honestly, do you know when?

               Nineteen months is a long, long time, but what I face is an eternity before I meet my long lost friend again. I search for your face in the crowds of passersby in the streets; I expect your voice at the other end each time the telephone rings. Sometimes I want to forward a very good e-mail to you - if only I knew. Say, what's your e-mail address there? Or do you actually have one? Call me sometime; drop me a line; visit me in a dream or so, so I can know how you've been, how you are doing in your new place, what is it like, and are you missing me like I miss you. I watched you fight, maintaining your cool always, dancing, frolicking, forming the fool, sending me straight back to school. Those lessons I am still struggling to best, How can I pass that ultimate test the way you did.

               During that last week we spent visiting, we watched your band; we heard them play; we laughed at memories the whole time. I cooked your favorite; though you couldn't really eat, you still had a bite, and found pleasure in the smell of each scrumptuous dish. Just knowing what we had was never so strong. Despite us living an ocean apart, we both always knew what's in each other's heart. Can't ever get you out of my head and heart and soul - don't want to! You'll always be my best friend in this world. Can't believe it's been nineteen months since you and I laughed and cried! If my love could have saved you, you never would have died.

© KP Lewis (Kalypsoul)

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Renewal Part I

Part I

                   Today I renew myself. I look into the mirror and peel back the layers of time and trial and tears. I see the other Me, the true Me, with a solitary tear nestling upon a trembling smile. I see childike eyes wide awake in wonder. I see utter amazement; I see joy; I see peace; I see love. Not this kaleidoscope of shattered fragments that is the Me of current years.

                   So I reach out and touch Me in wonder . . .gently, tenderly, softly, humbly. So this is Me, huh! Who could have guessed the innocence, the immensity, the unlimited possibilities of Me? I bend down and retrieve those shattered fragments, bit by bit, every splinter, and glue them all together again. Then I breathe into them the breath of new life.

                   I heal the breaches. And then I turn with a smile and look eagerly to the future.

© KP Lewis (Kalypsoul)