Saturday, July 31, 2004

Renewal Part I

Part I

                   Today I renew myself. I look into the mirror and peel back the layers of time and trial and tears. I see the other Me, the true Me, with a solitary tear nestling upon a trembling smile. I see childike eyes wide awake in wonder. I see utter amazement; I see joy; I see peace; I see love. Not this kaleidoscope of shattered fragments that is the Me of current years.

                   So I reach out and touch Me in wonder . . .gently, tenderly, softly, humbly. So this is Me, huh! Who could have guessed the innocence, the immensity, the unlimited possibilities of Me? I bend down and retrieve those shattered fragments, bit by bit, every splinter, and glue them all together again. Then I breathe into them the breath of new life.

                   I heal the breaches. And then I turn with a smile and look eagerly to the future.

© KP Lewis (Kalypsoul)