Thursday, January 27, 2005

CRUISIN (verse)

Dedicated to: The Children of the Sea

Of icy pageantry
Of regal majesty
Of raucous revelry
Chandeliers of frosty opulence
Slake and sever and slice through frothy decadence

Cruisin above; crew’s inn below
when boilers cease to churn
In torrents now of angry flow
Torn, rent from bow to stern
the rich, the famous and the low
hard lesson now to learn

Mangled bones of captives lost,
chained raw in blood and rust
From sugar’d gold and putrid hold
to shark-infested lust
Rest In Peace O wretched fold
In everlasting trust

‘Neath ocean vast, the die is cast
Equal and free at last!

© Kalypsoul 01.12.05

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