Thursday, January 27, 2005

Ferris Wheel ( verse)

Soul deep whisperings
sad silent voice
low steep echoing moan
jarring rough against
jagged edges of pain
nerves exposed
raw and ragged
awakened sensitive
to your pluck and strum
your whims and fancies
your slumps and booms
your ebbs and flows
your comings and goings
your laughing and crying
your ups and downs
your pros and cons
blowing hot and cold
weaving in and out
riding high and low
switching on and off
to-ing and fro-ing
now and then
here and there
later not sooner
after not before
swinging back and forth
your pendulums of concern
flickers of caring
of passion
of love you say
or was it of compassion
or empathy
or consideration
turned quickly to self adulation
grasping, seeking
expert juggling
fingers cleverly working
spindles of intricate design
woven ware
Persian rugs
fanciwork and pretty things
crotchet symphonies
missed beats and threads unravelled
dropped stitches now and then
more now than then
and then again
and again
cascading water slide
exhilarating roller coaster ride
swooshing up to heaven
nosediving down to hell
fascinating ferris wheel
falling head over heel
belly up
inside out, up and down, and churning around
ripping to shreds
tender emotions
fashioned carved and nurtured
in purity
in childlike simplicity
still trusting implicitly
bottoming out
into eternity
unexplained and unexplaining
left alone wondering
whatever happened
to what
you say
we say
once was?
Lost forever in
black hole of anguish
spinning directionless
out there somewhere
in heartless abundance of space
dark abyssmal nothingness
eternal void
spawned and flung afar
from ferris wheel
of your unwilling

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