Thursday, January 27, 2005

It Has Come

It Has Come

It has come
Another 365 have turned tail and run
Accomplishing so much and yet
Nothing ever seems to change
We stand trembling
Looking over the threshold
Into tomorrow
Thinking of . . .

We met and smiled and kissed
And touched so gingerly
Afraid it would melt away
And yesterday fused our memories
Into one tremulous heart
Yesterday we laughed
And thought nothing of today

Then it came . . .
The Terror
Laughter, Lupus and Leukemia
Praying for . . .

Today. . .
We put our plans into play
Loving some, losing some
Changing directions
Stepping cautiously into
Eddying whirlpool
Of roller coaster rides
Pausing to catch a breath
Wandering off into
The great out yonder
Creating spaces large and small
Dropping a stitch or two
Saying farewell to you
And once again
‘I do’
Wondering about. . .

Tomorrow. . .
It has come at last
Bring out the bubbly
Streamers, confetti
Of a great revolution
To come
Within and without
Embrace tomorrow yet
Forget not yesterday
Accept today
All march in unending stream
Of consciousness seared
With lessons learned
Burned in memory and regret
Yet doing it all again

Just as if. . .
We had no yesterday
And never any today
Tomorrow becomes today
And today yesterday
365 or 360?

© KP Lewis (Kalypsoul)

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